• My first week in Australia


    In the first day we visited Sydney. Sydney is a famous city in Australia. 

    In Sydney, the 3rd day we visited Macquarie Park in the morning. Macquarie Park is a little park and a very beautiful park. I didn't like the Macquarie Park because it’s not interesting. sleep 


    We visited the Castle Hill and The Sydney Opera House in the afternoon. I love the Sydney Opera House because it's very beautiful.


    The 4th day we visited the Mona Vale ant I like it.



    I haven’t visited the Targona Zoo and the Blacktown but I would like to.



    The 7th day we visited Adélaïde. We visited the Regency Park the morning.

    We love it because it’s a beautiful park.


    And the West Lakes the afternoon. We didn’t like it.


    The 2nd day in Adélaïde (the 8th day), the morning we do nothing but the afternoon we do golf in West Lakes Golf Club. We love it.


    If I go back a second time to Australia I would go to the Royal National Park and Moreton Island National Park.   


    By Antonin. 


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